There are literally thousands of uses for Internet video conferencing or live broadcasting and, with the marketplace becoming more competitive, video conferencing software has also become more affordable.

Here are just a few types of business and organisations that could easily start utilizing live video conferencing:

  • Families to stay in touch with loved ones around the globe with live video chat, video emails and video blogs (update from your mobile phone)
  • Teachers and Educators can now stay in touch with absent and remote region students and it’s an affordable streaming media solution. Keep students up to date with video email, video blogs and live or on-demand video lessons.
  • Charity Organisations for organizing live charity fundraisers to a live audience around the world.
  • Musicians for getting their music out to recording companies and creating live broadcasts for their numerous online fans.
  • Corporations and Businesses with field agents/managers for live video conferencing anywhere in the world. Online video marketing of company vision and product lines.
  • Franchises to stay in contact with franchisees with live video conferencing (no more costly monthly meetings), video email and on-demand training videos for new members.
  • Internet Marketers are utilizing the latest video email campaign management system that is putting them streets ahead of their competition.
  • MLM Network Marketing companies can utilize the technology to stay in contact with their members and even conduct live training seminars direct to their members’ computers. Add to that a robust video email marketing campaign for prospective members and you have something no network-marketing entrepreneur should be without.
  • Life Coaches and Trainers creating live interactive seminar events with pay-per-view option available.
  • Real Estate Agents and Property Developers for creating virtual tours of the properties on their books to show or send to prospective clients. Live auctions with clients participating from around the country and the globe.

    Virtual tours of rental properties for prospective tenants.

  • Preachers and Ministers for getting their message out to those who cannot attend the church including the invalid and incapacitated as well as millions of new viewers around the globe.
  • Restaurants and Bars promoting their venues, menus, atmosphere and upcoming events
  • Auctioneers conducting “live” auction broadcasts so people from out of state and around the world can participate.
  • Government organisations to stay in contact with employees around the planet with video email live video chat, on-demand induction videos and training seminars.
  • Politicians for getting their message out to the masses with live interactive messaging and feedback poll capabilities
  • Actors and Entertainers for archiving live performances for future auditions

Is it Really a Cost-Effective Marketing Solution?

Yes, video streaming is now rapidly becoming an affordable, cost-effective way for businesses and individuals to spread their message to a wider, expanding marketplace.

It use to cost a minimum of around $100 per month for a 50-seat conferencing but now you can get a 50-seat conference room for as little as $8.97 per month. Now at last, we all can take advantage of this exciting new medium. Check it out here: Internet Video Conferencing

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