Online Payments Gateway for Small Business

Finally, an easy to use online payments gateway system that paves the way to easily accepting online payments and even paying affiliates commissions at the point of sale.


Undoubtedly, the single most valuable financial online marketing resource is PayPal, which provides you the capability to easily and quickly make and collect payments throughout in excess of 190 international locations with several additional security advantages. Forget about playing around with charge cards and banking accounts online, you need to be utilizing PayPal.


And, an exciting new way of accepting online payments has just hit the marketplace, which is an online payments gateway that combines PayPal with WordPress in the form of a simple plugin which takes care of your payment collections and if you wish, can also be utilized to pay affiliates commissions in real time.


Take a look at this awesome new plugin here: Online Payments Gateway.


How the Online Payments Gateway Works

By utilizing this online payments plugin, you are able to create a store, advertise items or services for sale to website visitors and use the plug-in to complete the sale and, create an online affiliate application for your digital products and solutions.


Your customers will get your product or service supplied instantaneously and, for those who have affiliate marketers, you do not need to worry about paying them since the online payments gateway script will automatically split the revenue between you the seller, the affiliate, and even an Equity Partner if you have one… it’s all done for you automatically.


That’s right… no more wasting time trying to figure out who has to be paid and how much as it’s all done for you. If your customer arrives at the PayPal payment portal through an affiliate link, the payment gateway works with PayPal, at the point of sale, to split the payment.


Check it out here: Online Payments Gateway


Affiliates Online Payments Gateway

This awesome business payments system not only makes accepting online payments a breeze, it also takes the stress out of calculating your tax as well, as each party is responsible for their own tax commitments.  Even refunds are automatically charged back to the appropriate seller and affiliate accounts, there is literally nothing for you to worry about except creating your next product.


And get this, you can install multiple copies of this online payments gateway provided own the domain and are using your PayPal account. You are provided with personalized reports to review your affiliates’ performance data, commissions, number of refunds, etc., you have everything you need to manage your sales process.


Just think of how many affiliates will want to promote your products when they realise they will be paid in real-time at the point of sale directly into their PayPal accounts… that’s a huge incentive for affiliates to promote your products over your competitors.


After your customer has completed the purchase, they are delivered to the “Thank You” page on your website. In the meantime, the gateway software is handling the IPN details and sending an email to the customer with their download information to finalize the order. The entire transaction process between the sender and receivers is totally seamless.


Now not only is this the coolest online payments gateway plug-in but you can even make generous affiliate commissions by promoting the plug-in to business associates. It really couldn’t be simpler to make some serious cash because this is what local small business has been waiting for… you just have to introduce it

to them.


Check it out here: Online Payments Gateway.

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